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About Buurtteam Amsterdam

Do you have questions about care, housing, health, income, financial issues, meeting people, or safety? Or could you use a helping hand? You are welcome to contact Buurtteam Amsterdam for help. Buurtteam Amsterdam staff are at your service in every district in Amsterdam. This means you can get the right support in your own neighbourhood when you need it, free of charge.

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What is a buurtteam?

From 1 April 2021, a Buurtteam Amsterdam branch will be set up in every district in Amsterdam. You can drop by to visit your Buurtteam Amsterdam branch or make an appointment. You can also call or send an email to make an appointment at their offices or at home or on location.

Each buurtteam includes several specialist care workers.They think along with you and help where necessary, free of charge. You can approach us with questions about:

  • Care
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Income
  • Financial issues
  • Meeting people
  • Safety

Frequently asked questions

What does the Buurtteam Amsterdam team do? And how does it work?

The team’s approach depends on your questions and your personal situation. We look at what you can do yourself and how your immediate environment can help. Sometimes a helping hand is all you need. If you need more support, we will draw up a plan together. The buurtteam will work with you to find out what’s going on and what you need. Sometimes we call in another care worker. Rest assured, we consult you first before we take any action.

  • Step 1 – Making an appointment with the neighbourhood team

    The first step is to make an appointment so we can get to know each other. That could be at a buurtteam location or at your home. The buurtteam will work with you to identify the support you need so that you can get on with your life. That’s why a buurtteam cooperates with other local organizations and professionals. They include GPs, district nurses, Parent and Child teams, housing corporations and the Department for Work and Income.

  • Step 2 – The initial interview

    The aim of the first appointment is so we can get to know each other. This is also the time to tell us how we can help you. We will ask you questions like: What’s the matter? Have you already tried to find solutions? And did they help? What would you like to see happen? All information that might be relevant is then put into a plan that we draw up with you. You will act on the basis of that plan and we will support you where necessary. This enables you keep as much control over your situation as possible.

  • Step 3 – Bringing someone with you

    You can always bring someone to an appointment with you. This could be someone you know well: a family member, a friend, an acquaintance or a neighbour. Would you like someone to be with you at the interview, but don’t have anyone? In that case you can contact independent client support. These are volunteers who are trained to offer guidance and assistance in such situations. They can help you through the process and advise you on how to arrange your care and support. You can find them on the Amsterdam City website and on

After your first appointment

What happens after your first appointment will depend on your questions and your situation.

You take action yourself based on the advice you received

At your first appointment, you may already receive advice that will help you on your way. In your neighbourhood or district, there are plenty of opportunities that are freely accessible. You can often turn up without an appointment. Whatever you decide, we are always ready to answer your questions.

Draw up a support plan with a buurtteam staff member

If you need more than advice, the buurtteam  can help you draw up a plan. The plan contains all the agreements we make with you and describes the support you need. This is a personal plan. All the support you receive will be tailored to your situation. This makes it a practical plan, with realistic solutions for the issues you face. The aim is for you to be in control of your life as much as possible.

Long-term support

You may need more long-term support from the buurtteam. We can draw up a plan for this too, working with you step by step to identify what you need and how we can support you. This plan will help you take further action. If you need more support, your buurtteam contact will get a specialist involved. Your team contact will remain involved in your situation.


In order to be able to help you, the buurtteam needs certain information about you. We handle your data in the strictest confidence. We keep a file that only contains the things that really matter. This includes your personal details and who we are allowed to contact. If we do have to share information, for example with your GP, we will ask your permission in advance. You can find more information on privacy here (information in Dutch).