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Emergency numbers

Buurtteam Amsterdam are available from 09:00 to 17:00 on weekdays, but not on holidays. If you are in trouble due to an eviction notice for rent debt, or the sale of your owned home, disconnection of power and water, a notification of household goods sale or seizure of your bank account, please contact Buurtteam Amsterdam immediately.

Other situations may happen that require immediate action, such as a life-threatening situation. Below you will find a number of options for contacting various emergency services:

Acute crisis or danger to life

Is your life or someone else’s life in immediate danger? Call 112 right away. For police, the fire service or ambulance.

Immediate help if in danger of suicide

Are you thinking of committing suicide and need urgent help? Call the helpline on 113 or call 0800 0113 free of charge (24 hours a day, anonymous).  You can also chat with a helpline worker.

Abuse or domestic violence

Do you suspect that someone is a victim of abuse or domestic violence? Call the Veilig Thuis helpline on 0800 2000 (24 hours a day, free of charge). You can call anonymously.

Emergency medical assistance

Do you need to see a GP urgently in the evening, at night or at the weekend? Call the GP out-of-hours surgery for Amsterdam.
Telephone 088 00 30 600

No crisis, but need to talk?

Call someone who will listen

Do you need someone to listen to you or to have a good conversation with? Call the Luisterlijn helpline on 0900 0767 (24 hours a day). You can also chat with Luisterlijn.

Children’s helpline

Are you under 18 and have you got something on your mind? Call or chat with the children’s helpline Kindertelefoon. You can talk to them about anything. The Kindertelefoon helpline is open every day between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. Telephone 0800 0432. You can also  chat.

If you are worried about someone

Are you seriously worried about someone who seems to be distressed or confused? Or someone who is refusing help? Call the mental health helpline Advies en Meldpunt OGGZ on 020 5555 555 (24 hours a day).

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